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Steel Moon blog

May 6, 2012

I’m publishing  next chapters of “Steel Moon” – my Baldur’s Gate fanfiction at but recently I wanted  to create  blog  specially for  this  story.   Beside  new  chapters I’ll also publish  artworks  dedicated  to the  story at the blog.

Enjoy 🙂

Anyway here’s  pic of Kivan and Steele, main heroine of fanfic.

Writing webcomic vs. writing graphic novel

April 20, 2012

Well I haven’t posted from  some  time mainly cause  I’m  busy doing my webcomic “Your  Life  Is a Movie”.

Recentlly I got some thoughts  about  writing scenario for  webcomic  and  for  graphic novel.

When I was  working on storyline  for my graphic  novel “Just a Girl” , I read  scenario thousands times to be  completely sure I won’t   change  it  in the middle of  creating  comic. I had  to be  sure  scenario is perfect. I deleted and  re-writed many scenes. I spent lot  of  time on writing , I also had  special column at the blog ‘Fighting  with scenario”.

And  now I’m creating  webcomic “Your Life Is a Movie” and  I have just  general view  what’ll happen. I don’t  have straight scenario. Story just ‘flows”.

I really don’t  know  which  way is better. Still I’d  say I preffer scenario for  graphic novel already written, before  I start  to draw. Maybe creating webcomics gives me  more ‘”artistic reedom”? Now  I’m just enjoying  the  story ‘flows” and I hope I’ll be  satisfied when it’ll ends.

“Catch My Heart” anthology

March 9, 2012

I always wanted  to self- publish something  and  finally I made  it. “Catch My Heart” is  small self- made  anthology  by me. It’s  not long,  only 14 pages. I’ve put my most personal  short comics  into it, and gave it  to my family and  friends. Title of  this  anthology is  from Warlock song covered  by Mike Patton and Bohren und der Club of Gore.

“Your Life is a Movie” starts

January 14, 2012

“Your  Life is a Movie” starts. It’s  my webcomic homepage  at

Honestly I startet my webcomic a  week ago, but I didn’t  want to post about this until I complete  it’s profile. Please  remeber that I’m not  the HTML expert  so there can be  some bugs  in HTML code.

It’s my very first webcomic, so far  I only created  short  stories published in anthologies, and  I’m still working on my graphic novel. But “Your  Life is a Movie” is a  different story – it’ll be  published on web so it’s pretty much my own job  to draw  readers  attention to this  comic.I’ll do my best 😉

Anyway for a  long  time I didn’t  wanted  to make a  webcomic. It  just didn’t  seem like  good  option for me. But now  I’m lot more  into webcomics, than even a year  ago. There’s a lot  of  stories on web I’m currently reading,  so I thought why not  to give a  try to make  my own  ;)?

The’re main characters  from comic.

Webcomic cover

December 15, 2011

Well it’s  cover  of  my webcomic, and  finally it  got  a  title – ‘ Your  Life  is a  Movie’.  As  I wrote  before  guy – Robert  is inspired  by Cillian Murphy and  also cover  is  inspired  by poster  form ‘Breakfast from Pluto ‘ – Cillian played  main role in this  picture. I love  this  movie it’s  one  of  the best I’ve  ever  seen.

Webcomic stuff

November 11, 2011

Sorry for  the  lack of  updates.  This is  stuff I’ve been recently working  on – sample  pages  form my hopefully upcoming  webcomic, and  portraits of  two main characters – Basia and Robert. And yes I’m still working on my graphic novel.

Illustration Friday – hibernate

October 7, 2011

Here’s  my entry at Illustration Friday topic – ‘hibernate’ . Guy and  girl are main characters  from webcomic I’m creating. It’s  first pic  of  them together I  made 🙂 And I often sleep the  same  as  she  does.