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Fighting with scenario (part one)

May 2, 2009

Well this time no pics, no sketches just some thoughts 😉

‘Fighting with scenario’ is not a column, or essay, I just  wanted to write something about working on long scenario. In fact it’s quite dificullt my notes on this blog were always so short.

I always created short comics, of course I wanted to create long, epic story someday but I always held it off.

But once I tried.

Now I’m writing scenario to two grapic novels. I finished first chapters, hope I’ll finish scenario of first volumes soon.

And damn it’s quite difficult 😉

You have to control many things – characters, rythm of the narration,  things that happened to the characters.  You have to remember about many things – relations between  characters, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes,  their family ties etc.

It’ s like creating a  movie  and you’re screenwriter,  director, operator and you’r e making a  casting. You’re responsible for everything.

Hope I’ll manage 😉

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