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Writing webcomic vs. writing graphic novel

April 20, 2012

Well I haven’t posted from  some  time mainly cause  I’m  busy doing my webcomic “Your  Life  Is a Movie”.

Recentlly I got some thoughts  about  writing scenario for  webcomic  and  for  graphic novel.

When I was  working on storyline  for my graphic  novel “Just a Girl” , I read  scenario thousands times to be  completely sure I won’t   change  it  in the middle of  creating  comic. I had  to be  sure  scenario is perfect. I deleted and  re-writed many scenes. I spent lot  of  time on writing , I also had  special column at the blog ‘Fighting  with scenario”.

And  now I’m creating  webcomic “Your Life Is a Movie” and  I have just  general view  what’ll happen. I don’t  have straight scenario. Story just ‘flows”.

I really don’t  know  which  way is better. Still I’d  say I preffer scenario for  graphic novel already written, before  I start  to draw. Maybe creating webcomics gives me  more ‘”artistic reedom”? Now  I’m just enjoying  the  story ‘flows” and I hope I’ll be  satisfied when it’ll ends.

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