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Steel Moon

October 7, 2011

I started my Baldurs Gate  fanfiction some  time  ago and published  it  at Fanfiction.Net. You can read  first chapter here. It’s my version of  adventures  of  bhaalspawn  – main heroine is an elf  girl named Steele. It’s  a  story about her  adventures,  fiends, enemies, lovers. I wanted  to show  how  she  struggles  with   her  fate, and  sometimes how  she pays the penalty for  her  choices.Whole story is bit darker than original  Baldurs Gate setting.

And  here’s  pic of  main heroine:


More sketches from webcomic

September 27, 2011

I posted  sketches  of main heroine from my webcomic before,  here’re  character  sketches  of main hero. As  I wrote  in previous  post  it’s modern- romance  angsty complicated  story.

Oh and  main hero is  somehow  inspired  by Cillian Murphy – an awesome Irish actor.

And  I’m still working  on graphic novel.

Sketches from webcomic

September 21, 2011

Looks  like I have  bunch of  new ideas  but to make an  idea  into  comic  book is another story…

Here’re  sketches  of main heroine  from webcomic  I’m working  on. Another  slice  of  life  story, but this  time it’ll be most romance. Of  course  angsty and  complicated. I’ve been thinking  about making webcomic  from some  time, so far  I have an idea, couple of  sketches  and part of  scenario…

‘Just a girl’

September 17, 2011

‘Just a girl’ is  title of my graphic  novel. Of  course title  is  based  at Faith No More song – ‘Just a Man’ – which is one  of  ma favourite songs  from the band. I’ve  wrote  a  lot  about writing  scenario to this  story,  and  finally here’re  some finished  pages  and  detailed character  sketches of  main heroines.

I presented my story at pitchings  at Ligatura  Festival this year and  heard  lot  of  nice words about it.  Anyway it’s  still lot  of  work to do,  but seeing  finished  pages after  writing  script  for  so long is  sort of  reward  🙂

Artworks from another project

September 17, 2011

I wrote  before  about  my another  project – graphic  novel concentrated on high school and  metal. I’ve  changed some  things  in scenario, story is now  darker, and more mature. He’re  some  pics  of main couple. Guy is  inspired  by Type  O Negative  frontmen –  Peter Steele, another  awesome  artist. Recently I feel in love  with music  he  created.

I’m … back

September 17, 2011

Well I slacked  this  blog  for another  time… I seriously thought about closing  it. But I changed  my mind  and I’ll try to publish some  stuff again. Anyway I’ve put lot  of  effort in  this  site.   Thanks  to all people who’re  reading  this  blog  during  my absence.

Recent sketches

April 18, 2011

Some  recent sketches I made, just rough stuff but wanted  to post it here  anyway. Still working on graphic novel.